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Training at GC-heat

Supporting young people is part of our corporate philosophy

We believe training young professionals and managers is a major factor in sustainably addressing skills shortages and the challenges of demographic change.

That’s why high-quality, practice-oriented training is a main pillar of GC-heat’s personnel strategy. Our aim is to develop skills within our own company and retain young talents long-term by offering them attractive opportunities. In doing so we facilitate both sustainable organic growth and targeted knowledge transfer between the different generations in the company.

Trainees at GC-heat can expect to rotate through all the necessary departments of our company and gain comprehensive insights into the entire GC-heat world. On days when they attend vocational school, trainees are released from work so they can use the time to study. We also provide internal training courses on technical subjects and in cooperation with education experts.

We give trainees the right framework for their future – self-determined, comprehensive and with the best support that we as an experienced company can offer. So it’s no coincidence that GC-heat has regularly won awards for its commitment to training from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Federal Employment Agency in recent years.

Our aim with all our trainees is to train the experts of tomorrow within our own ranks and retain them as members of our staff once they have completed their training.

A year abroad before your start with us


Mark Twain knew: „Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.“

We at GC-heat strongly believe that stays abroad are incredibly valuable for the personal development of people. They promote independence and open one’s eyes for the existing variety in cultures and customs.

We seek to strengthen our team with open-minded and self-reliant human beings. Therefore, we offer chosen future trainees our support for a Work & Travel year abroad.

Training programmes at GC-heat

Vocational training programmes at GC-heat at a glance

We are currently in the process of training 13 apprentices. 

  • Industrial business manager
  • Industrial mechanic in the field of maintenance
  • Qualified IT specialist in the field of application development
  • Qualified IT specialist in the field of system integration
  • Technical product designer in the field of product design and construction
  • Technical product designer in the field of machine and systems construction
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Metals technology specialist

Filling such a wide range of different positions is a challenge we are proud to take on year after year. Each of these specialist occupations gives the apprentices exciting insights into the pulsing life of a commercial enterprise and offers distinct prospects for a successful professional career after the end of the training period.


Are you one of the best? Then we look forward to your application!

Vacant apprenticeships for the year 2019:

  • Metals technology specialist

Vacant apprenticeships for the training year 2020:

We are looking for the following to start training on 1 August 2020:

  • Qualified IT specialist in the field of system integration
  • Metals technology specialist
  • Technical product designer in the field of product design

Important tips for your application to GC-heat:

Reliability, flexibility and creativity

We are looking for independent, high-performing and motivated trainees who know how to think for themselves. To be successful in our selection process, you will need to demonstrate a combination of personality, authenticity, commitment, as well as technical and general knowledge.

Your application should give us an idea of your personality, your goals and your skills. We know that is asking quite a lot. You should therefore take your first step towards a good application long before you actually prepare your documents by thinking about your aspirations, goals, skills and strengths. Once you are clear on those aspects, the question is no longer what you should write in your application, but how you will write it. This requires satisfying a few formal criteria and conveying everything clearly and understandably.

Your application should consist of a cover letter, CV and references/certificates:

In your cover letter, you tell us why you chose this particular occupation, what your personal strengths are, what experience you can bring to the training programme and why you are the right person for an apprenticeship at GC-heat. If you have already taken some time to consider your aspirations, strengths and skills, it will no doubt be easier to avoid clichés when you compose your cover letter.

Your CV gives us a concise overview of the essential elements of your education and career so far.

Your references and certificates bring your key performance records together and provide insight into your educational background and any other relevant activities.

Ideally, you should prepare your application exclusively in PDF format and combine the above-mentioned elements into one appealing and error-free document.

In the first of several steps of our selection process, we focus on the quality of the application documents, the expected school-leaving qualification and marks, absences, extracurricular activities and any initial professional experience you may have gained. The next step is generally an aptitude test, which allows us to get a first impression of you. Depending on the occupation, this will be followed by one or two interviews and/or an assessment centre.

Once you have overcome these initial hurdles, your chances of being accepted to an apprenticeship at GC-heat are excellent.

We look forward to your application!


Anna K.

Industrial management trainee

After I successfully passed my Abitur (comparable to A-levels), I wanted first to do an apprenticeship instead of studying, in order to gain practical experience. GC-heat is the right training company for me because I have great opportunities to receive further support after my apprenticeship.

Jannik A.

Warehouse logistics specialist trainee

At GC-heat, I have taken on responsibility from early on in my training and become an important member of the team. I really like this aspect.

Karimullah S.

Industrial mechanics trainee

When I came to Germany, I was uncertain of what to expect. Thanks to my training at GC-heat, I can see a clear path before me and look to the future with confidence.

Marie S.

Technical Executive Assistant

After I finished my industrial management training at GC-heat, I started a university study programme in Cologne parallel to my employment here. GC-heat supports me in this endeavour, both financially and by allowing me a flexible work schedule.

Philip K.

Industrial mechanic

I was able to start further training towards becoming a supervisor even before the end of my apprenticeship. Since then I have been gaining valuable experience as the deputy to one of our production supervisors.