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Hopefully you, your families and colleagues are doing well and are healthy.

We are all still experiencing turbulent times. But the good news continue: GC-heat remains fully available. Our team is complete and healthy. The supply chains and the material supplies are sustainably ensured.

Our protective measures have proven to be very successful. We therefore decided to currently maintain the division of our company into separated sectors. Quite a number of our employees still work in their homeoffices while others have returned to their desks here in the company. You have been able to reach your well-known contact persons anytime throughout this crisis and this will not change!

We are all heading towards a "new normal". Let's see this as a challenge and a chance to continue our successful collaboration and partnership.

Take care and stay healthy!

GC-heat is the specialist for electrical heating elements

Reliability, flexibility and creativity

Since 1947 we have been developing and producing heating elements for various industrial applications.

Our customers are well known OEMs all over the world, which rely on our high quality standard. We transform your requirements into customer-focused, technically advanced, economical solutions.

Both in the area of tool heating or for the heating of liquid and gaseous media – GC-heat is your reliable partner.

Tool and mould heating

From coil heater to high-density cartridge heater

The heating of tools by means of industrial heating elements is essential for thermal machining processes.

Choose the perfect heating element for your purpose form the GC-heat product variety or allow our specialists to advise you.

Liquid and gaseous heating

From cartridge heater flange to flow heater

Numerous different industries require gas and liquid heating to a certain temperature.

GC-heat offers the right product for your individual application.  - Get in touch!

Career at GC-heat

Talent and passion sought

As an owner-managed family business, as an employer and as a training company, we are successful because we do not lose sight of the origin of our success with clear values: our great team.

Working together in a spirit of partnership based on mutual trust, meaning and clear goals as well as open, authentic communication are the prerequisites for community enthusiasm and passion in daily work.

As a growing company, we are constantly looking for talent.

If you want to shape your future with us, you can find out more here:

GC-heat partnership continuum

Attributes describing us

Partnership is our most important cornerstone.

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