thermal sensor

The GC-sens thermal sensors and sheathed thermocouples serve to perfectly complement conventional heating elements. Available in various designs, they ensure a perfect setting and control of the temperature. With a range of insulated thermocouples (with moulded head) all the way up to angle thermocouples in the thermocouple combinations: FeCuNi type J or type L and NiCr-Ni type K everything is covered. This doesn't just enable the implementation in applications such as hot runner nozzles (insulated thermocouples) or manifolds (angle thermocouples), even less typical or well-known application areas can be utilized with the GC-sens. Insulated thermocouples are fitted as standard with a 2,000 mm metal braided hose connection. Individual dimensions and other technical data as well as the respective specifications can be attained from the corresponding table.