GC-cart EX

Explosion-proof cartridge heaters

GC-cart EX

Explosion-proof cartridge heaters

The next step in proven safety. The new GC-cart EX allows reliable and efficient heating of tools in gaseous or dust atmospheres in highly sensible EX-zone areas. Due to our decades of expert knowledge, GC-cart EX guarantees proven quality and reliability when it comes to explosion protection. GC-cart EX may be adapted to meet the requirements of individual applications. Furthermore, we offer a variety of mounting solutions such as flaps, flanges or screw-in nipples. Thus, you can rely on the strict European directive 2014/34/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of February 26, 2014 being adhered to.

Each GC-cart EX product is delivered with a written certificate of conformity and a full documentation in German and English language.

A wide range of application and more important advantages:

  • Highly compact connection area
  • Long lifecycle
  • Integrated thermocouple (optional)
  • Humidity protection

Technical possibilities and options

  • Maximum permissible surface load 18 W/cm²
  • Operating temperatures according to temperature classes T1 (≥ 450 °C) up to T6 (85 °C)
  • Area of application: zone / medium: 3G/3D
  • Explosion group: zone 2: IIIC
  • Optionally equipped with integrated thermocouple type K
  • Design: straight or angled
  • Diameter: 9.5-25.4 mm


  • Explosive manufacturing processes of zone 2 (gas), zone 22 (dust) of equipment group IIC, IIIC