Screw-in heaters

High performance for shorter immersion length

GC-screw screw-in heaters with built-in GC-tube tubular heaters are especially designed for heating liquid and gaseous media, in particular when high performance combined with a short immersion length is required. The standard thread is G 1½“, but other threads (e.g. 1¼“, 2“, 2½“) are possible. The GC-screw, screw in tubular heater is a U-formed high density tubular heater, soldered or welded onto a threaded nipple. The outer diameter of the GC-tube is 6.5 mm or 8.5 mm. Upon request, GC-screw can be equipped with a controller, limiter or other protection devices. The type of regulation can be tailored to the needs of the application. The GC-screw can also be controlled via a separate thermocouple.