Liquid and gaseous heating

Guaranteed heating for gases and liquids

Benefit from our decade-long experience when wanting to heat gases or liquids to a certain degree.

Whether cartridge heating flange or flow heater - we have the right product for your individual application.



GC-tube tubular heaters are designed to be formed at room temperature.


High-density heating flanges

Direct fluid heating. GC-flange provides a very high performance due to the high-density heating elements implemented.

GC-flange EX

Explosion protected heating flanges

The heating of fluids in areas exposed to explosion hazards requires a high measure of safety. GC-heat flange EX flange heaters meet the requirements for various EX protections areas.

GC-flange light

Light cartridge heating flanges

Low-density heating flanges are used where the fluid that is supposed to be heated does not allow high surface loads.


Flow heaters

A variety of flow heaters for fluid heating. Customized for your individual system.


Screw-in heaters

Our GC-screw screw-in heaters are used for the direct heating of fluids. The combination of a compact design and high-density heating elements allows a high power density.


Ceramic sectional heaters

Change of the heating element without the need to drain off the medium. As GC-change is built into a protection tube changing it is a mere child's play.